"2 Manchester City : Jamie Vardy hat-trick in emphatic winRELATED ARTICLESThe unexpected guestIn today's Striker, Nick is welcomed to Florida at gunpoint - but there's a bigger shock in store.""But Pulis, who takes his side to Bournemouth today, insists he never considered walking away — although his contract is due to expire next summer.""But, privately, he wants them to start performing as he tries to find new balance stock ticker a way clear of the scrap.""Lies can only be covered up for so long, the truth will always out.""s5The centre-back is said to be unhappy that his injury was overlooked by Didier DeschampsLaporte was a dead cert new balance usa 998 to make Didier Deschamps Euro 2016 squad before breaking his leg, and was allegedly infuriated when the national boss failed to check up on him during his recovery."been simmering over a reported affair between his ex-girlfriend and Toprak’s friend."Arsenal are currently sitting in second spot in the Premier League, and on Saturday switch their attentions to the FA Cup with a fourth-round clash against Southampton."

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